Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Diaper Cake - Lil Prince

So this summer I ventured into the fun and fabulous world of Diaper Cakes! I've seen people make these so many times and I finally had not one, but TWO excuses to try them out! I looked up lots of pictures and directions from others and then braved the baby section of walmart for supplies. (Having no children of my own I can confidently say that picking out the diapers was BY FAR the hardest part of this creation -- the sheer volume of options made me dizzy.)

My first diaper cake was for my friend and neighbor April who was having a boy. I really didn't want to do the traditional blue colors so I copied a great idea from the cricut messageboards to do a "little prince" theme using frogs. Green is a great color and it ended up working beautifully on the cake. (I even found green baby wash and matching lotion for the center -- I think it was like a cucumber melon flavor or something like that.)

I used white hair bands to hold the rolled diapers. Most directions called for rubber bands but that seemed 'icky' to me so I ditched that idea.

For cricut users: I used NA for the stork, baby and frogs. Letters are from Pooh Font, the crowns on the frogs are from PD and the grass around the base is from Zoobaloo.


Melinda said...

My oh my! You are so talented. EVERYTHING on your blog is darling! You should open up a little botique (spelling?).

Kerstin and Scott said...

Very cute!

Julie said...

How stinkin' cute!