Monday, January 25, 2010

Gypsy Spot - Superbowl Challenge

This week we were challenged to create something with a Super Bowl theme. I'm not a huge football fan and I don't have a real die-hard football family but we usually gather around to watch the Super Bowl game. My favorite thing to do is make yummy treats and food for everyone so I decided to make a Superbowl treat tray!

I don't have a cut file for you this week because I really just laid down single images on my Gypsy as I went.

After coming up with the idea to make a treat tray, I remembered that some time ago I had purchased a cheap pack of cookie sheets to make those decorative magnetic boards for the kitchen and I had a small one leftover from the pack. The cookie sheet shape was perfect for a football field and I had all the right colors of vinyl to do the job so I went right to work on it. (I'm not going to lie -- I had to Google an image of a football field to know just how many lines there were.)

I measured the inner portion of the cookie sheet and cut a piece of green vinyl to the correct size using a standard paper cutter. I then used my handy dandy little corner chomp to round the corner to match the cookie sheet. Next, I took a white piece of vinyl and cut it to the appropriate height of the "football field". Then I sliced off 1/8" strips to create the white lines.

I used the Don Juan cartridge to create the numbers for the yard lines. The goal posts are from Everyday Paper Dolls and the helmets and football are from Sports Mania. I used generic colors for the helmets but you could use colors that matched the 2 teams that will be playing.

I laid all the yard lines, goal posts and numbers onto the green vinyl before placing it on the actual cookie sheet. I thought it would be difficult to place the numbers so close to the edge if the green was already placed inside the cookie sheet because of the edges.

I can't say enough about vinyl these days. I'm just using it on everything and I find it SO easy to work with. I whipped this cute little thing together in no time and it turned out even better than I'd planned.

Obviously this sheet could not be placed into an oven or anything like that but it would make a cute tray for cookies, treats, a bowl of salsa with chips around the sides, etc. You CAN clean the vinyl with a damp cloth or a baby wipe so it could be re-used if it was handled gently. EVEN if you only had it for a one-time use for a party though, it was still very inexpensive to make. This could also be a cute gift to give to someone hosting a Super Bowl party OR a great way to take your treats to a party you are going to.

As always thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comment!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gypsy Spot Black & Gold Challenge

Sorry for the late posting. Another one of those crazy weeks!

This week we had a color challenge using black and gold. I had recently received my Spring mini cartridges and was really excited to play with the Love Struck cartridge so I knew immediately I wanted to make a Valentine card in these non-traditional colors.

Click here to download the .gypsy file used.

For the base I used a heart card from the Wild Card cartridge. I welded the cupid from Love Struck to the side and welded one of the decorative heart cuts from Love Struck in the center of the card to create an elegant look. The gold detail layer of the cupid is done in gold vinyl.

I wanted to play with the MS micro beads I bought on sale on Black Friday and thought this would be a fun item to use them on. I really wanted the card to look elegant so I thought the gold beads would add a really nice touch. I didn't really know how to go about adhereing them to the card so I decided to get creative with my gold vinyl. I cut a solid heart out of gold vinyl and placed it on the inside of the front of the card which effectively left the 'sticky' side of the vinyl exposed through the cuts on the front. I then sprinkled the micro beads on the sticky part of the vinyl and pressed them down to be sure they were on there pretty good.

The unfortunate side effect of doing the beading this way was that the top side of the vinyl on the inside of the card was all lumpy and bumpy and I didn't care for it at all. I knew I wanted to put a sentiment inside the card on the other side so I chose to cut 2 more solid hearts and place them over the gold vinyl to have a space for a personal note in the card. I wasn't quite satisfied with it until I cut out an additional little decorative piece from the Home Accent cartridge. In this picture the gold layer is the vinyl, the black and cream are cardstock (inking on the cream piece) and the little black piece is vinyl as well.

On the other inside piece of the card I placed a welded a sentiment made with the Lyrical Letters cartridge (if you know me at all, you know this is my FAVORITE font cartridge for the Cricut). I used gold vinyl once again and even added some hearts from the Simply Sweet cartridge to complete the look of the sentiment.

As always thank you for looking and feel free to leave a comment. ~Jenn