Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Pooh Diaper Cake - Phases

So this is the 2nd diaper cake I made. It was for a friend of mine having her 2nd girl. I didn't want to do the traditional colors (once again) so I decided to do a Baby Winnie The Pooh theme with yellow and brown. It turned out pretty cute.

On this one, I took pictures of each phase of the cake. When I first went to make a diaper cake, I found lots of pictures of finished cakes and lots of explanations but I'm such a visual person and wished I could have seen it in phases so I knew if I was doing it right.

On the base I attached flower cuts that were folded in half to sort of imitate the frosting edge look of a normal cake. These diaper cakes were both SO much fun to make and SO easy.


jers52 said...

really like your diaper cakes directions!

Suzzi said...

So cute. I love the step by step pics. So helpful and these turned out awesome.

saraleo said...

Wow!!! Thanks for posting the slide , I am also a visual person I have to see how is it done, I am going to a baby shower soon so I am thinking of making one of those, I'll send you pictures if I do it. Thanks again for posting!!!!